TeaZen Gives


Every time you shop at TeaZen® and at no cost to you or our charities, TeaZen will donate a portion of the purchase price to select 501(c)(3) public non-profit charitable organizations.

As a public benefit corporation, TeaZen built philanthropy and benevolence into the foundation of our business.  It is not lip service; it is not marketing hype.  Rather, it is the core, unshakeable foundation – the glue – that defines us.

More than anything, we aim to…turn business into benevolence™.

Welcome to TeaZen Gives™.


Donation Details

TeaZen, through its TeaZen Gives program, donates 1% of its Net Sales to pre-determined and approved 501(c)(3) public non-profit charitable organizations.  “Net Sales” is defined as product gross revenues excluding shipping and handling, taxes, or other expenses not associated with the price of the product; less returns, allowances, and discounts; and based on an accrual method of accounting.

100% of the donation amount generated (1% of net sales) from customer purchases will be donated.  The donation amounts generated by your purchases are combined with the donation amounts from all customers and distributed to our select charitable organizations on a quarterly basis.  Donations are generally distributed approximately 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

TeaZen follows a strict procedure to account and distribute the defined donation amount to the select 501(c)(3) public non-profit charitable organizations.  An independent accountant reviews and verifies the accuracy of each quarterly donation distribution.  If net sales increase, so will the donation amount.  TeaZen commits to refining the donation distribution procedure to commensurate with the size of the donation amount.  Please know TeaZen will never compromise integrity.  TeaZen, through its TeaZen Gives program, will fervently pursue a legal, genuine, transparent, and significant charitable contributions program.

Please note donations are made by TeaZen and are not tax deductible by you.  If you have any questions about your tax situation, you should contact your tax advisor.

TeaZen will not share individual customer information with charitable organizations.


Charitable Organizations

TeaZen’s purpose is to promote social change that improves human, animal, and environmental conditions.  With this in mind, TeaZen has carefully selected three 501(c)(3) public non-profit charitable organizations that focus on improving targeted conditions – one for people, a second for animals, and the third on our environment.  Check ’em out here…

Big Waves Foundation is a new non-profit charitable corporation with vast resources and unquenchable drive working to create a ripple of positivity by leveraging the proven positive relationship between sports, water, and mental health.  Its inaugural cause is to promote the sport of water polo in order for it to be offered as part of high school sports programs in the State of Colorado.  Focal growth areas may include a broader geographic reach, grants to school districts or individual schools to assist in the purchase of needed equipment, and scholarships to college-bound water polo players in Colorado.  Further and importantly, the foundation is an avid supporter of gun sensibility.  Big Waves Foundation is destined to make a sizable splash in the lives of many people.

Bee Sanctuary, officially named Urban Beekeeping Laboratory and Bee Sanctuary, Inc, is a non-profit charitable organization on a mission to improve bee health.  One out of every three bites of food we eat is available thanks to bees.  Seventy out of the top 100 human food crops, which supply 90% of the world’s nutrition, are pollinated by bees.  And, due to a variety of ecological and biophysical factors, more than three-million honeybees alone have perished within the United States while 9% of the continent’s bee species face extinction.  The loss of these vital pollinators threatens the stability of our food systems.  Bee Sanctuary is an innovative, public-private partnership linking corporate social responsibility, communities in need, and urban farms.  A $2,500 donation funds a beehive with full beekeeping services for a year.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit charitable organization on a mission to reforest the planet.  Every $1 donated helps plant one tree.  It’s that simple.  Reforestation focus areas include wildlife restoration, biodiversity and habitat expansion, agroforestry, food security and social impact, and watershed maintenance among others.  They also aim to raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.  They fund tree plantings in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.


Charitable Organization Eligibility

The charities TeaZen will select will be public non-profit charitable organizations that are registered and in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity.  Further, they will be located in one of the U.S.A. states, territories, or District of Columbia.  Charities that engage in, support, encourage, or promote intolerance, hate, terrorism, violence, money laundering, or other illegal activities are not eligible and will not be selected.  Although we aim to include only charitable organizations that are in good standing and do not engage in any of the activities described above, we cannot guarantee the good standing and/or conduct of any charitable organization.