At TeaZen®, we have a vision of creating a better world.  That’s right…we care!  Karma isn’t complicated, people.  Do good; receive good.  As a humble group of humans…

TeaZen’s purpose is to promote social change that improves human, animal, and environmental conditions.

This is our firm, unshakable purpose.  Our 9th symphony.  Our opus.  This rallies our TeaZen Tribe™.  Who’s in?!

Below, you’ll learn how we intend to pursue our purpose.


Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)

Our corporation is legally named Benevolence, PBC dba TeaZen.  Say what?!  The dba stands for “doing business as”.  And, the PBC stands for “public benefit corporation”.  Please allow us to expand on the critical importance of a PBC…

A PBC is a specific type of corporation that allows for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of maximizing profit for shareholders.

A PBC is a legal entity – a corporate structure – that begins with purpose.  While most corporations are profit-driven, we’re purpose-driven.  Sign us up!

At TeaZen, our legally-defined public benefit statement is our purpose as stated above.  And, as a PBC, we have a legal obligation to submit an annual report on our progress toward our public benefit statement.  We firmly believe in this process as it holds ourselves (and other PBC’s) accountable to create public benefit.  In other words, this is not lip service.


TeaZen Gives™

TeaZen built philanthropy into the foundation of the business.  In fact, we aim to turn business into benevolence™.

TeaZen, through its TeaZen Gives program, donates 1% of its net sales to pre-determined and approved 501(c)(3) public non-profit charitable organizations.  100% of the donation amount generated (1% of net sales) from customer purchases will be donated on a quarterly basis.  TeaZen follows a strict procedure to account and distribute the defined donation amount to the select organizations.  Cool, huh?

Check out our TeaZen Gives page to learn more.


Rewards Program

Our rewards program is aptly named LoyalTEA™.  LoyalTEA program participants earn points from purchases and online activities.  And, with LoyalTEA Levels, a participant may earn double or triple points based on accumulated points.

Participants may redeem points for discounted TeaZen products or gift them to select public charitable organizations through TeaZen Gives.  The option to donate points is readily available for participating customers in our checkout process.

Check out our Rewards program to learn more.


Social Media & Newsletter (The Buzz™)

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

TeaZen intends to promote social change with factual information and emotional connections utilizing our social media accounts and our voluntary opt-in newsletter called The Buzz.  Through these engagement mediums, we will commit a disproportionate amount of marketing to embrace progressive stories, ideas, and institutes that improve global human, animal, and environmental conditions, as well as, highlight injustices we deem in need of change.

The Buzz newsletter members will receive special offers and cool stories about global causes full of heart, gratitude, and grit.  And, upon enrollment, new members receive 20% off their next order!  It’s easy to enroll and members may unsubscribe anytime.  Simply scroll to the bottom of any TeaZen webpage and find the enrollment in the gold bar.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At TeaZen, integrity matters.  So, here’s our Corporate Social Responsibility statement…

At TeaZen®, we loudly and proudly proclaim our commitment to promoting social change to improve human, animal, and environmental conditions.  Ethical behavior and transparency are nonnegotiable.  We will consider the expectations of stakeholders, follow current laws and international standards, and be accountable for our decisions and subsequent impact on society and the environment.

Get it?  Got it?  Good…



When we began crafting the TeaZen brand, we knew for certain our products need to be beneficial for not only our mind and body, but, importantly, our planet.

Every day, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint.  In doing so, we passionately support sustainable and safe practices throughout our supply chain and with our partners.  We are working diligently to become a zero-waste company.


Earth-Friendly Bottles

Our Teazen products are robust, super-concentrated 60 servings of goodness in 2-ounce glass bottles, which are recyclable, reusable, and small enough to fit in your pocket.  Nailed it!

Next, let’s look at plastic:

Article:  The number of k-cups produced in 2013 would circle the earth 10.5 times.

Article:  50 billion plastic water bottles are discarded globally per year.  30 billion of these are in the U.S.

Article:  Every square mile of the ocean has over 46,000 pieces of floating plastic in it.

Article:  1 bottle of water requires 3x the volume of water actually IN the bottle to manufacture.

We are happy to bring you a product that is not only so, so good for you and delicious, it’s also convenient, economical, and… a plethora of so much more good stuff!  But, it also doesn’t mess with Mother Earth.


Earth-Friendly Packaging

Our product is shipped in recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, and renewable cardboard.  Did you catch all that?  And, the ink on the box is made from algae, which is 100% biodegradable and sustainable.  Yep, you read it correctly – algae ink.  In other words, the packaging is 100% sustainable.