At TeaZen®, our foundational and unshakable purpose is to inspire social change to improve human, animal, and environmental conditions.  To achieve this mighTEA purpose, we commit to providing superior-quality products and an exemplary customer experience.  Please contact us anytime for any reason.  We’re happy to help.  Please see our Contact Us page to get our contact information.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your purchase, we want to know.  Your feedback enables us to continually improve our premium product line and provide you with the most effective products to meet your individual needs.  If you wish to return a TeaZen product that you purchased directly from our website, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee (less shipping and handling expenses).  There is no time limit to return a product and the product may be in any condition.  Please see our Return and Refund Policy for details.


Quality, Purity, & Potency Guarantee

At TeaZen, we focus on promoting optimal health by formulating natural products that support your lifestyle needs.  For us to provide you with the best possible support, our products must exemplify the highest levels of quality and purity.  Our comprehensive quality program includes careful analyses of our raw materials and systematically test our finished products to ensure they meet or exceed the potencies of stated nutrients through the expiration date.  Perhaps as important as the ingredients in our products are the ingredients that are not in our products.  To keep you smiling, we are committed to providing natural products with no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, or other unnecessary materials of any kind.


Our Promise to You

  • Steadfast devotion to inspire social change to improve human, animal, and environmental conditions
  • Effective, award-winning products
  • Premium ingredients derived by nature
  • Quality cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards
  • Outstanding customer service

  Promises.  So many promises!