Foods That Give You More Energy

Throughout the workday, it is common to start feeling drowsy, sluggish, and out of it. We have all been there — trying to keep our eyes open while staring blankly at our computer screens. Unfortunately, this is even common after a great night of sleep. Even if you get the full eight hours and wake up feeling fully rested, you can find yourself slowly running out of energy throughout the day.

Luckily, a nap isn’t the only way to get your energy levels up again and allow you to make it through the rest of the day. Your diet plays a huge role in your energy levels and eating the right foods can provide you with energy during your worst mid-day slump.

Feeling good is important in your daily life and at TeaZen® we know that your energy levels can determine whether you feel good or not. Our green tea concentrates are full of ingredients that may help you improve the way you feel and might even boost your energy levels! Our acTEAvate™ green tea concentrate may be able to give you the boost of energy you need. With healthy and beneficial ingredients, you can enjoy this product one to three times a day! Simply add a dropperful to a six to eight-ounce cup of water or tea, stir, and enjoy.

While our acTEAvate green tea concentrate might boost your energy levels, there are so many other foods that you can try as well! These foods can help you get through your workday, giving you the boost of energy you need to finish strong! To learn more about the foods to add to your diet for more energy, read this blog now!


Bananas are a great source of energy thanks to the carbohydrates, potassium, and vitamin B6. They are also full of sugars and fiber, making them a great snack choice when in need of more energy. The fiber and B vitamins found in bananas offer long-lasting energy and help with muscle function. One study, mentioned in a Greatist article, found that bananas were just as effective as sports drinks in keeping cyclists fueled. If you are feeling sluggish, snack on a banana for a quick boost of energy that will last for hours! You can even add peanut butter or almond butter to make a satisfying snack.

Sweet Potatoes

This delicious food is another that can increase your energy levels to keep you going all day. Sweet potatoes have carbohydrates, fiber, manganese, and a ton of vitamin A, making them an extremely nutritious snack and source of energy. The fiber and carbs help your body digest more slowly, keeping you fueled for a longer period of time. The manganese in sweet potatoes helps to breakdown nutrients to produce energy.

Brown Rice

Brown rice, which is much more nutritious than white rice, has the vitamins and minerals to keep you fueled. According to a Healthline article, one cup of cooked brown rice contained 3.5 grams of fiber and provides you with 88 percent of the recommended dietary intake for manganese. As we mentioned above, manganese helps enzymes breakdown carbohydrates and proteins to produce energy. The fiber in brown rice gives it a low glycemic index, meaning that it could help regulate blood sugar levels, allowing you to maintain a steady energy level throughout the day.


Apples are a great and healthy snack, but they can also boost your energy levels during a mid-day slump. Apples are a great source of carbs, fiber, and sugar. The fiber and sugar found in apples give you a slow and sustained release of energy, allowing you to feel energized hours after munching on this healthy snack. Apples are also full of anTEAoxidants, which have been shown to slow the digestion of carbohydrates, which allows energy to be released over a longer period of time. If you are looking for a boost of energy that lasts longer than an hour, an apple could be the perfect choice! Snack on apples throughout the day and enjoy the refreshing feeling that comes with it.


Eat some yogurt at the start of your day or before a workout for the spark of energy you need. Yogurt contains carbs in the form of sugar, including galactose and lactose. These sugars can be broken down to provide you with instant energy. The protein found in yogurt also plays a role in slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates, which in turn slows down the release of sugar into the blood.


Eggs are packed full of protein. In fact, a Woman’s Day article mentions that eggs contain the highest complete form of protein over any other food — eggs can provide 30 percent of your daily value of protein. The protein in the eggs can increase energy without spiking blood sugar and insulin levels. Eggs also provide all of the essential amino acids your body uses to rebuild muscle. Leucine is the most abundant amino acid in eggs and stimulates the production of energy. It produces energy by helping cells take in more blood sugar and increasing the breakdown of fat to produce more energy.


Almonds contain healthy monounsaturated fats, which can help increase your body’s energy levels. They are also rich in magnesium, which is an electrolyte needed for muscle function. If you have a deficiency in magnesium, you may find that you tire out more quickly during workouts. Almonds also contain protein, copper, manganese, and riboflavin. These nutrients will neutralize toxins in cells, which allows them to keep the energy flowing through the body. The riboflavin also helps with the production of oxygen-based energy. Almonds and other nuts, such as walnuts and cashews, are high in calories, proteins, carbs, and healthy fats, which provides a slow and steady release of energy. Nuts are a quick and easy snack that can help you get over your afternoon sluggishness.


How could something as simple as water help improve your energy levels? Water is an essential part of life and is involved in cellular functions and energy production. When you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, you will become dehydrated. This can slow down body functions, which will result in you feeling tired. Drinking enough water throughout the day can help you stay energized and keep you from feeling sluggish during the day. If you are feeling more and more tired as the day goes on, it may be dehydration more than anything else. Start chugging some water and make sure you are staying hydrated every day. You can also add one of our green tea concentrates to your water for added benefits!

Additional Energizing Foods

There are so many foods that can provide you with a boost of energy. We only listed some of the most popular foods (and drinks) that can help you get over your afternoon slump. Some of the other foods that can help you feel more awake and ready to take on the day include:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Hummus
  • Oranges
  • Fatty fish
  • Popcorn
  • Spinach
  • Quinoa
  • Edamame
  • Green tea
  • Coffee
  • And more!

Basically, eating anything that is healthy and full of carbohydrates, fiber, and/or protein can help to provide you with energy that will last you through the entire day. Avoiding unhealthy snacks, such as junk food, candy, energy drinks, and white bread is also important to keep your energy levels high and avoiding sluggishness.

With this list of energizing foods and drinks, you can head to the grocery store knowing that you can stock your shelves with snacks that can keep you fueled all day long! Be sure to also shop the TeaZen green tea concentrates to add some additional benefits to your water. You will love these easy to use concentrates that are packed full of healthy ingredients. You can learn more about our green tea products by contacting us today! Next time you are feeling a slump, grab one of these snacks and water with a green tea concentrate added and enjoy a boost of energy.

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