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What is TeaZen®?+

TeaZen is a company – your company.  We are a communiTEA™ of like-minded people who are passionate about “feeling good” and “doing good”.

The corporation is called Benevolence, PBC™.  And, as a public benefit corporation, our purpose is to promote social change that improves human, animal, and environmental conditions.  That’s right – we care!

Our mission is to create an inspiring global social enterprise by providing valuable products and service while improving the world around us.

Check out our Purpose and About Us pages to get to know us better.

High fives all around, people.

What are the TeaZen products?+

TeaZen offers an initial line of six proprietary functional green tea concentrates.  Each two-ounce glass bottle contains 60 servings and is created with specialty extracts, herbs, and botanicals targeted to support today’s top trending health and wellness concerns.  Each calorie-free, sugar-free, and caffeine-free product is flavored with natural fruit concentrates; lightly sweetened with a touch of agave and honey; and, packaged in eye-catching and convenient planet-friendly bottles and boxes.

Check out our Shop page to get the skinny on our mighTEA products.

What do TeaZen products cost?+

Each TeaZen product in our concentrate line costs $29.95, which is only $0.50 a serving for extraordinary tea and specific health-targeted benefits that’s brimming with flavor while making a difference in the world.  Nailed it!

Where can I buy TeaZen products?+

Your may buy TeaZen products from our website and we will ship your products to the destination of your choice.  Pssst – you’re on our website right now.  Hint, hint.

Here, we’ll make this easy for you.  Click Shop to shop.  Duh.  : )

Do you have a product guarantee?+

Yes!  We are so confident you’ll love our products, we’re willing to offer them to you with a 100% money back guarantee (less shipping and handling).  There is no time limit to return a product and the product may be in any condition.  Yes, this is an empty bottle 100% money back guarantee.  We believe in our products and purpose, we hope you do, too.

Check out our Guarantee page to learn more.

How do you enjoy TeaZen products?+

Simply shake the bottle well and add a serving to any beverage of your choice.  While mixing in hot or cold water is a common and delicious choice, try TeaZen in juices, smoothies, yogurt, etc.  Go on…live a little.

How many servings may I consume per day?+

Enjoy 1-3 servings a day.

How much is in one serving?+

One serving is 1 milliliter, which is 30 drops or one dropperful.  To make things easier, we marked the dropper pipettes with a one-serving line and the phrase, “1ml of goodness”.

One serving = 1 milliliter = 30 drops = 1 dropperful.  Just keeping it real.

Do TeaZen products have to be refrigerated after opening?+

No.  Convenient, huh?

Do TeaZen products expire?+

TeaZen products do not necessarily expire, but they may lose potency over time.  For optimum effectiveness and freshness, consume TeaZen products within three years after opening.

Do TeaZen products taste like tea?+

Definitely maybe.  Kinda sorta.  TeaZen products have undertones of traditionally brewed green tea, but is deliciously-enhanced with organic honey/agave and natural flavors.  Does this sound like a wine review?

Why green tea?+

Green tea is a phenomenal source of polyphenols including the major polyphenolic substances called catechins.  And, importantly, most health benefits in green tea can be attributed to the polyphenol, EGCG.  In other words, EGCG is good sh!t.

Check out our Ingredients page to learn more about our product benefits.

What are polyphenols and catechins?+

These are some of the most powerful free radical scavengers found in teas.  Epigallocatechin gallate, or, EGCG (for those of us who like things easy), is one of several catechins found in tea and is said to be 100x more powerful than Vitamin C at fighting free radicals.  EGCG is the most studied of all the catechins and has some impressive research to back it up.  Holy EGCG!

What is EGCG?+

The majority of health benefits in green tea can be attributed to EGCG.*

EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate or epigallocatechin-3-gallate), is the polyphenol in tea responsible for a number of its health benefits.  Scientific studies have focused on the anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to its potential effects on Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular conditions.*

Additionally, researchers have found that catechins block bacteria and viruses from attaching to human cell walls, that they react with toxins released from harmful bacteria and make them inactive or less active, and they reduce the toxic effects of such heavy metals as cadmium, chrome, lead, and mercury.*

EGCG directly interacts with proteins and phospholipids in the plasma membrane and regulates signal transduction pathways, transcription factors, DNA methylation, mitochondrial function, and autophagy to exert many of its beneficial biological actions.*

However, not all green teas have the same level of EGCG. We carefully select and process our teas using TeaZen’s proprietary smarTEAplant™ inter-cellular extraction technology ensuring a standardized 50mg of EGCG in every serving.

Check out our Ingredients page to learn more about our product benefits.

* Source:  National Center for Biotechnology Information-abstract, “The role of Green Tea and periodontal disease”

How much EGCG is in a serving of TeaZen products?+

Each serving of TeaZen has 100 mg of green tea extract, which is standardized to 50mg of EGCG.

Are TeaZen products good for dieters?+

Yes.  It is fat-free and calorie-free and provides beneficial body-boosting herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants.  Please know we often speak more to overall wellness than dieting alone.

Is there sugar in TeaZen products?+

Nope.  TeaZen products are sugar free.  Since EGCG is bitter, we have created an all-natural and unique sweetening system including, but not limited to, citrus fruits, agave, honey (just a smidge), licorice root extract, and luo han guo.

Do TeaZen products contain caffeine?+

Sorry, you gotta get your caffeine fix elsewhere.

Are TeaZen products vegetarian?+

Yes!  But not vegan as it contains honey.  But, but we love bees!

Are TeaZen products gluten-free?+

You betcha.

Do TeaZen products contain dairy?+


Do TeaZen products contain soy?+

Nope.  No soy.

Do TeaZen products contain preservatives?+

Nope.  Nada.

Does TeaZen test products on animals?+

What?!  Hell no – never.  TeaZen is 100% cruelty-free.

Is it okay to use TeaZen products if I am pregnant? Or, if I am breastfeeding?+

Do not use our products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Please consult your healthcare professional.

Is it okay to use TeaZen products if I am taking medication or have a medical condition?+

Please consult your healthcare professional.

Can kids use TeaZen products?+

TeaZen products are formulated for people 18 years of age and older.  Please consult your healthcare professional.

What if I think I am experiencing side effects?+

If you believe you are experiencing side effects from using TeaZen products, cease immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Is the TeaZen bottle recyclable / reusable?+

Yes!  : )

Check out our Purpose page to learn about our Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability commitment, and earth-friendly bottles.

Will TeaZen add new products?+

Yes!  We are buzzing with ideas.  If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you.  Please Contact Us anytime.

Does TeaZen have a newsletter?+

Why, yes, we do!  It is called The Buzz™.  We believe our tribe is comprised of like-minded people who care about health, wellness, and leaving our planet better than how we found it.

The Buzz members will receive special offers and cool stories about global causes full of heart, gratitude, and grit.  And, you will receive 20% off your next order!

It’s easy to enroll and you may unsubscribe anytime.  Simply scroll to the bottom of any TeaZen webpage (including this page – hint, hint) and find the enrollment area in the gold bar.

What is The Buzz™?+

The Buzz is TeaZen’s newsletter.  By joining The Buzz, you will receive special offers AND phenomenal stories about global causes full of heart, gratitude, and grit.  Oh, you will also receive 20% off your next order!  Drink outside the box.

It’s easy to enroll and you may unsubscribe anytime.  Simply scroll to the bottom of any TeaZen webpage (go on – scroll down a smidgen) and find the enrollment area in the gold bar.

What is the LoyalTEA™ program?+

The LoyalTEA program is TeaZen’s rewards program.  You will earn points based on your online purchases and activities.  Simply create an account and start earning points immediately.  Then, you may redeem your points to reduce the price of your favorite TeaZen products and/or gift to non-profit charities.

Check out our Rewards page to learn more about our LoyalTEA program and to open an account.

What is the Subscriptions program?+

The TeaZen Subscriptions program saves you time and money!  Our Subscriptions program ships products of your choice directly to you every month.  There is no need to for you to reorder your favorite products.  And, you receive 20% off the regular retail price for all subscription products – PLUS, you will never pay shipping fees even if your subscription is under $49.  There is never an obligation to continue as you may cancel your monthly order anytime.  Cool, huh?

Check out our Subscriptions page to learn more.

What is TeaZen Gives™+

TeaZen, through its TeaZen Gives program, donates 1% of its net sales to pre-determined and approved 501(c)(3) public non-profit charitable organizations.  100% of the donation amount generated (1% of net sales) from customer purchases will be donated on a quarterly basis.  TeaZen follows a strict procedure to account and distribute the defined donation amount to the select organizations.  Cool, huh?

Check out our TeaZen Gives page to learn more.