How to Reduce Your Single-Use Plastic Consumption – Part 1

Single-use plastics are plastic items, such as plastic bags, straws, and utensils, that are used once before being thrown away. These items are becoming a huge problem for humans, animals, and the environment. They are polluting our planet, affect our health, and cause many additional problems. In our previous blog, we discussed single-use plastics and… read more

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic has become a hot topic in recent years as people are making an effort to minimize the amount we use. Whether you have jumped on the reusables bandwagon or you are still using single-use plastics, we believe that everyone should learn a little more about this current issue. By understanding what the problem… read more

Celebrating Earth Day – Part Two

Earth Day is the largest civic observance in the world and has helped bring about a ton of positive changes and impacts on the world. If you did not catch part one of our blog about Earth Day, be sure to go back and read it! We discuss the history of Earth Day and what… read more

About Earth Day – Part One

Do you ever think about how amazing it is that we exist and that planet Earth is home to us all? Earth is an amazing planet and is something that should be celebrated. In fact, it is so great that there should be a day dedicated to this place we call home. And there is!… read more

About International Day of Forests

Have you ever walked through a forest, far from any signs of human civilization, with only the crisp smell of nature, the sound of a babbling brook, and the chirping of birds surrounding you? Have you ever felt peace and tranquility deep amongst the trees? Have you ever ventured so deep inside a forest only… read more

Foods That Give You More Energy

Throughout the workday, it is common to start feeling drowsy, sluggish, and out of it. We have all been there — trying to keep our eyes open while staring blankly at our computer screens. Unfortunately, this is even common after a great night of sleep. Even if you get the full eight hours and wake… read more

Caring for National Parks and Why It’s Important

During the longest government shutdown in US history, national parks were left open with little or no staff. The national parks around our beautiful country are extremely special to many. However, during the shutdown, many parks were treated poorly. Trash was left in overflowing trash cans, graffiti-covered rocks, and people blazed their own trails on… read more

The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care has been one thing that we all have been hearing a ton about in recent years. With the help of social media, people have started to share their methods of self-care and take the entire movement more seriously. Believe it or not, self-care started way before 2016 and was focused on race, gender, and… read more

All About Tea

At the start of a new year, many people aim to be healthier. The cold month of January sees more gym memberships, diets, and life changes than any other month. One healthy habit you can add to the new year is drinking hot tea! By the way, did you know that January is National Hot… read more

The History of Self-Care

The term “self-care” has been making its way around social media, the news, the internet, and daily conversations. When people think about self-care, they think about rest and relaxation, taking time to do an activity they enjoy, and clearing the mind of stress. But there is so much more to self-care. The history of self-care… read more