About Us


TeaZen® is a company – your company.  We are a communiTEA™ of like-minded people who are passionate about “feeling good” and “doing good”.

TeaZen is a trade name operating under Benevolence, PBC.  The PBC is an acronym for “public benefit corporation”.  A benefit corporation (or “PBC”) is a legal corporation available in certain states that allows for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of maximizing share value.

TeaZen’s purpose is to promote social change that improves human, animal, and environmental conditions.

To learn more about the purpose that fuels TeaZen, please check out our Purpose page.



With our purpose firmly established, we quickly aligned on the critical elements to achieve our purpose.  This is the map, the engine – in other words, our mission.

TeaZen’s mission is to create an inspiring global social enterprise by providing valuable products and service while improving the world around us.

We are committed to providing kick ass tea-based products to act as the catalyst to doing good in this world.  It’s a must.  Please know products may change, but our mission will forever remain the same.



Your inner Socrates may ask, “What does this all mean?!”  Our reply…

TeaZen’s vision is to “turn business into benevolence“.

This is our long-term objective.  We hope more companies will fall in line with our “benevolence first” approach.  We believe capitalism and benevolence are complimentary – not contradictory.

Gordon Gekko said, “Greed is good”.  We say, “Benevolence is good”.



Our values are our north star – our guiding light.  All decisions are predicated on complimenting and never compromising our values.

TeaZen values:

Compassion ~ Cherish life

Action ~ Drive change

Integrity ~ Be real

Feelings!  So many feelings.  Yes, we care.