At 5,000 years old, tea was way overdue for a makeover. And it got one. Dreamt up in sunny San Diego, TeaZen is more than tea. It’s a delicious dietary supplement, crafted with love, natural and organic ingredients, AND science to bring you the very best in conscious, beneficial refreshment.

Each 2oz glass bottle contains 60 servings of smarTEAplant™ green tea extract super antioxidant (EGCG) + hand picked specialty herbs, vitamins, and bright botanicals + mouth watering organic flavors + a smidgen of nature’s nectars: organic agave and honey.

Prepare to feel good, real good… TeaZen lovers often report feelings of  profound bliss, sustained industriousness, and bold confidence, in addition to the many known effects of being consistently hydrated.

Servings Per 2oz Bottle

mg of green tea extract super antioxidant

mg of polyphenols

mg of EGCG



What's in each serving of TeaZen

  • 100 mg of green tea extract
    (99mg of polyphenols + 50 mg of EGCG)
  • Adaptogenic beneficial herbs and antioxidants
  • Mouth watering organic flavors
  • A smidgen of nature’s nectars: organic agave and honey

What's not in TeaZen

  • No sugar
  • No calories
  • No caffeine

Add 1 ml of TeaZen goodness (that’s one dropper full) per 6-8oz of hot or cold water.

Enjoy. Repeat. Again. And Again...

Also enjoy in smoothies, juice, yogurt, Açai bowls, soups, and yes, even cocktails!

Size Does Matter! Did you know...


Every bottle of TeaZen replaces 60 single serve disposable bottles! Yes, that’s 60 less disposable bottles in the world.

Save money, save the planet…

One TeaZen dropper at a time.


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